25 life lessons I learnt when I turned 25

It’s my 25th Birthday. Here, are the 25 life lessons I learned when I turned 25.

Life Lessons

life lessons

Accept who you are: Accept yourself as you are. Never bother about society. Be your authentic you. Accept fully and embrace your flaws.

Love yourself: Love yourself unconditionally. Whatever the situation may be in your life, never forget to love yourself as you are. Love never equalizes your accomplishments or how many friends you have or how much bank balance you have.

Put yourself and your goals first: Put yourself first as simple as it sounds but needs some introspecting of ourselves. Are we really putting our self first? We need to ask this question at a time to time.

Never feel ashamed of how you feel: Yes, Never ever feel ashamed when you feel negative or low. You should accept the feeling instead of beating yourself to be positive. Share how you feel to the trusted persons and seek medications.

Surround yourself with uplifting people: Surround yourself with likeminded and positive people. It will make a great impact on your life.

Reading Books: Reading books have broadened up my mindset about life and money. How to shift our paradigms? Reading more self-help books brings a more positive mindset.

Go for your Passion it is never late: It’s not too late to start your dream project or your entrepreneur business. Just go for it without having second thoughts. Important life lessons.

Never Compare yourself: Never compare yourself or your life with anyone. Comparison is a thief of joy.

Be Health Conscious: Be fit and take healthy foods. Just conscious about what kind of foods you are consuming.

Quit Negative habits: Procrastination, Laziness these bad habits will never give you what you want in life. So, get rid of these slowly.

Be punctual: I never been punctual in my life. But, lately, I am cultivating this habit. Being punctual to the office makes you less tensed and give you more peace.

Journaling: Journaling has made my life simple. Write whatever you feel in a notebook. It brings more clarity.

Self-care: Giving nourishment to your soul and body is really important. Spend time alone at least for 30 mins every day. Going for a walk, or doing exercise makes you feel better.

Pleasing others: Quit People pleasing.

Set your intentions: Every morning set your intentions for the day.

Save money: Save money for the rainy days.

Achieve Goals: Be a Goal Setter and then achieve those goals one by one.

Think Big: Never settle for less than you deserved. Always aim high. This one is a game-changer.

Be more present: We caught up in the never-ending cycle of past and future. Being mindful helped me to stay at present.

Reward yourself: Reward yourself if any goal you set is completed. Go for a self date. Go to a movie alone. Enjoy yourself.

Come out of your comfort zone: This one is a must if you want to improve yourself professionally and personally.

Seek your spiritual side: Lately, I have been studying about spiritual and the awakening. Awaken your higher self.

Gratitude: Feeling grateful for what you have in your life. Have a gratitude list in your mobile or notebook shifts your mentality. Mind changing life lessons.

Never chase People: Never chase People or never beg people for love and care. Be enough for yourself.

Happiness comes within: Happiness is an inside job. Check yourself every day how you feel, and gift yourself with flowers or whatever you like.

These are the 25 life lessons I learned when I turned 25.

Please do comment below, What life lessons You have learned so far and please check out my last post on Kancheepuram day trip – must-visit places

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