how to get rid of old clothes

How to get rid of old clothes in 5 easy ways

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Here I am with Another Post. 2020 is coming near. So, I would like to share some info on how to get rid of old clothes.
We all love clothes. We just bundle our wardrobe with too many clothes but we wear only the same old clothes. What’s the point on overloading your wardrobe if you don’t wear it. I would love the Marie Kondo method. she beautifully explained, How getting rid of unwanted clothes gives us joy and it brings more positive into our life. I am a great fan of her. If you don’t know her method, please watch her documentary on Netflix or you can buy a book. I am posting youtube link here.

How to Decide What clothes to keep

The First step in getting rid of your clothes is to just look at your wardrobe. Just take whatever pieces you everyday wear to the office,
school or college and Gym and the next thing is to pick up your favourites. Separate these clothes. Because you gonna need this.
Separate your wardrobes like office wear/College wear, Casual wear at home, Casual wear for outside places and party wear. It will be really easy for you to access and you will have a clean wardrobe.

Getting rid of old clothes for cash

We all connected to clothes at some point, we feel emotional when we wear certain clothes because of any emotional event happened on that cloth. We don’t easily get rid of that. For Example, You proposed a boy on that dress or your first college outfit, your graduation outfit.
We don’t easily get rid of that even though we don’t wear these outfits often. Make a mindset on this, Do you need this? or it just makes your wardrobe overloaded. If we attached to too many clothes it just becomes overloaded.
Getting rid of these things is a must. You can earn a good amount of money by selling this online. Websites like Elanic, Coutloot, OLX offering you to sell old clothes.
Apparel that no longer fits you. if it is too thin, or very large get rid of that. Keep apparel that fits you.
Worn out items. You love that outfit and you wore it so many times. now, its completely worn out. still, you keep this with you.
Girl, you should throw away those old clothes.

I keep buying clothes

Most importantly find your signature style, What kind of clothes suits you and how you feel, look when you wear this. Finding your Signature style is important. This will get rid of lots of shit. Really? How Sowmiya? you can ask me. Yeah, You don’t buy clothes that don’t resonate you and you save more money and time if you know your Signature style. This gets you off from lots of shit.
Identify what kind of clothing your most drawn to and keep this aside. Sometimes we all pick clothes because it is pretty or trendy. But we never wore it. We always tend to fall on comfort. So, Get rid of these clothes. Donate your clothes to charities.

How to manage wardrobe

We all know to manage and organize our wardrobe seems a big task. But, if you practice organizing your wardrobe for once a month using Marie Kondo method it will be really easy. I highly recommend you to buy a book and trying those tips.
if you have churidar or kurta set, don’t keep your dupatta one side and your pants another. Just fold and keeps this set as one. It will be easy for you to access without messing your wardrobe.
otherwise, you keep on finding the match.
Donate your unwanted or unused clothes. or you can sell these things.
Have an organised and minimal wardrobe and more positive will add to your life.

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