7 Best Winter Nails Ideas 2020

Wanna change your Nail color? I am here listed the 10 best and awesome winter Nails color ideas 2020. Take an inspiration from these nail designs and have a fun painting with your nails.

1. Blush Pink Nail

winter nails 2020

What about trying Blush Pink color for this Winter Season? Looks adorably cute and Stylish. These Heart designs are incredibly cute.

2. Glittery Nails

These nail designs are very stylish and decent. It is perfect for the winter season. It is easy to create these designs.

3. Snowflake Nails

Snowflake nails are best for the holiday season. Loving the color so much.

4. White Winter Nails

I am absolutely in love with this nail color combo. White with Blue glitters is Bomb.

5. Blue Winter Nails

This Nail design is very trending in 2020. Purple color is absolutely great idea to try in winter season. I just get chill vibes from this purple color.

6. Royal Black

You don’t have to do add any extra designs on your nail painting. Black is ultimate royal color. It is rich in color and very classy. A Plain black paint is enough on your nails.

7. Simple Winter Nails

This is simple and easy to create designs. This is more elegant and looks very classy.

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