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7 Alia Bhatt Beauty Secrets You must know to get Flawless Skin

Hello Guys, Today we gonna look into the amazing and gorgeous Alia Bhatt beauty secrets. Her skin is flawless and very glowy. I searched for her skincare tips and I would like to share Alia Bhatt beauty secrets with you.

Alia Bhatt Beauty Secrets

Its sounds so cliche literally every actor swear by this. The first tip is she drinks lots of water. As we all know this is very important step in skin care. It will change your skin care game totally.

How many times we heard people telling this tip, We never follow. This includes me as well.

I heard lots of celebrities spoke about this beauty tip. But, after Alia Bhatt told herself I am gonna try this.

This time no one gonna stop me from doing this. So, I would recommend you also try the same.

alia bhatt beauty secrets
Source: Alia Bhatt Instagram

She often uses Sheet Mask to hydrate her skin. Faceshop Sheet masks are totally worth it. It gives the moisture and hydration to your skin.

Alia Bhatt Daily Routine:

She recently told in her youtube channel, she drinks hot water with lemon in the morning. It helps rejenuvates your skin and it is also very good for your body. It increases your metabolism and also helps in losing weight.

She uses Natural Herbal Vipes to clear her make up. She particularly uses Boots wipes to remove her makeup.

She uses Garnier Foaming face wash to cleanse her skin. It deeply cleanses your skin and it removes all the dead skin cells.

It totally depends on your skin. You can try different products that suit your skin type and stick to them.

She uses an ice cube in the morning to get rid of her puffy face. Take an ice cube in the towel and rub it under your eyes and face. I would not suggest you rub ice cube directly onto your skin. It may cause rashes and allergic to the skin. Use it with any Cotton cloth or Tissue.

She drinks lots of Fresh juices to hydrate her skin.

She workout every day as it rushes the blood flow and it is good for your skin.

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alia bhatt beauty tips
Source: Alia Bhatt Instagram

Alia Bhatt Skin Whitening Face Mask:

She loves Multani Mitti(Fullers Earth). It is an easy DIY recipe to get spotless skin. You need to mix it with Honey or Rosewater and then apply it to your skin. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with cold water.

Thats it Guys. I am so excited to try these alia bhatt beauty tips. Look at her skin, She is glowy, shiny and she has an spotless and amazing skin.

So, I would recommend you try Alia Bhatt Beauty secrets and shine like a star.

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