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Beauty ritual during Quarantine Days

Hello sweeties, Hope you are doing well. Most of the countries have announced Lockdown due to corona virus. So, Today I would like to share some tips on Beauty ritual during Quarantine days.

I am working from Home. This has given me a lot of free time and sometimes I feel bored and don’t know how to kill this time.

So, Here I thought why don’t we take care of ourselves during this pandemic situation without complaining. So, I started a Skin care routine to take care of my skin.

Most of us don’t take care of ourselves at home, only when we go to work or outside we do makeup or other such things.

Here, I am giving suggestions based on my experience because I have tried too many skin care products I always test and try it and If it suits my skin I’ll use those products.


Wash your Face Twice Daily

Yes, This is so important. In this type of situation, we become lazy and don’t even wash our face instead of we just sit in front of computer or TV to consume unwanted negative news. To bring Positive lightning onto our life we must bath and wash our face daily. Its just lift you little bit. This is the basic beauty ritual around the world.


Moisturize is the Biggest game changer if you are just starting to explore skincare items. Most of my years I only used Sunscreen. But, Recently I opted to put a lot of moisturizer on to my face and the results are astonishing. Especially Clinique moisturizer surge. It makes your skin glowy. It is pricy but it is really worth your money. If you have acne-prone skin then this is the best because I also have acne skin. After using this my acne got reduced so much. I highly recommend this.

skin care routine

DIY Mask or Ready-made mask

You can create your own DIY mask skincare at home with Home ingredients and it is highly effective. To brighten up your skin use liquorice powder with Gram flour or sandal powder. Use rose water or lukewarm water to mix up. This mask is really effective to brighten up your skin.

There is n number of tutorials on youtube about DIY beauty mask you can learn from them. My Favourite is for acne I used Neem powder with Rosewater. This is so effective and it gives the soothing effect and also it prevents from creating more acne. These two mask my favourite. What’s your favourite DIY beauty mask? I want to try guys. Please comment.

If you feel I don’t want DIY mask it’s too time-consuming I want a quicky if you feel like this I got yaa. Mcaffeine Coffee Face mask is absolutely fabulous. I am in love with this. This removes all the dirt in your face and gives a nice clean look. It is not used for brightening maybe frequent uses will give. But, so far it removes all my whiteheads, blackheads and removes all the dirt from my face. This is my goto mask.

Body Scrubs and Body Butter

This is the time you can take care of your body really well. Use Body scrubs and Body Butter to soothe your body and mind. Yes, You need it girl. Making urself relaxed and mindful is really important. I am loving the mcaffaine Coffee Body scrub and Body butter.

This is quite pricy. But, it instantly removes all the Black areas in your skin and returns your natural skin tone.

If you want something cheap and the equal results of this. You can choose Bio care Detan Body scrub and the results are amazing. You can shop in Nykaa or purplle website. Currently, it is unavailable in Amazon.

Mani, Pedi

You don’t need your salon for Mani, Pedi guys. You can easily try at home by urself. If you have sea salt or any normal salt is also fine. You need a tub to soak your hands or legs and add a little bit of Seasalt and Hair shampoo, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. That’s it. You can leave your hands or legs in the tub for 20 mins. After that, you can clean up using your nail kit. Before all these things remove your nail polish and do it.

I hope these tips will help some of you. If you want more beauty related tips please comment. I love to share my experience. Make the best in these Quarantine Days. Please stay safe at home and wash your hands. This shall too pass. I hope this post Beauty ritual during Quarantine Days help you start your own. If you need Skin care Routine for acne prone skin please comment I am pleased to share with you.

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