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20 Best Glossier Dupes are worth the try

We all know how glossier products can be so addictive. Their products all are awesome and the results are amazing. Can’t even think of replacing the lip gloss range from glossier? But, I can assure you these are the best glossier dupes that are worth your penny and they do not make you broke.

We save all the extra money to buy those glossier lip gloss or their cheek tint. Whatever may be, It can be so stressful to spend the most of money on their little products. I can buy loads of products for $50 instead of spending on one product. I know it’s a glossier brand. But, these glossier dupes will make you save more money and they give the same results as the glossier.

So, read the post fully to know about the best glossier dupes on the market that can make you rich and give richer look.

Best Glossier Dupes

Glossier Lip Dot Com

This lip dot com aka lip balm is a top-rated and best glossier products. This lip balm can do wonders to your lips. I myself is very addicted to this collection. They have 9 different flavours and all are bomb. And it sells out really fast. Some of the best glossier lip balm dupes you can find below.

Glossier Dupes Lip Balm

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Lip Balm

If you have very dry, chapped lips then do not look any other product. You need to have this one. This is pure magic. This does clear your dry, chapped lips upon consistent usage. It soothes and hydrates your lips. Your lips feel lighter and feel more alive after using this product. It is only $2. It has SPF too. You can easily get it on Amazon or any physical store. This is the best drugstore glossier dupes.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Another Bang on Lip Balm is Burt’s Bees Lip balm. It contains shea, Cocoa & Kokum Butter. It is 100% Natural. It gives shiny, glossier lips on 2 usages. It hydrates, smoothes and clear your dry lips. It is one of the best lip balms available on the market. It has great reviews on amazon. It is one of the cheap glossier dupes.

Vaseline Lip Balm

It has many flavours like glossier lip balm. Vaseline doesn’t need any intro. They are quite famous for their lip balms. I have used it since my teenage days. You can totally trust this brand. It removes dry, chapped lips and gives more moisture to your lips. It even clears your pigmented lips. It gives shinier, glossier lips.

Glossier Skin Tint + Conceler Duo

This Perfecting skin tint is a foundation that even out your complexion and makes your skin smooth and gives a dewy finish. All I can say, this is the best skin tint I have ever come across. It doesn’t make your skin look cakey or dry. It is light and one to two drops can cover your entire face. It gives a luminous effect.

This concealer does its job the best. It hides dark circles, redness, blemishes in one drop. This pair gives the best results.

Glossier Dupes Skin Tint

Pixi H2O Skin Tint

It has Green tea, Lavender and Rose Water. These three ingredients have healing properties. Green tea prevents acne and breakout. Lavender soothes your skin. Rosewater moisture and hydrates your skin. It gives a healthy glow and it gives the best no-makeup look. It has great reviews on Ulta. It is one of the best glossier makeup dupes.

NYX Bare with Me Skin Tint

This is one of the Top Skin tints available on the market. It provides sheer coverage but you can build it on. It is for everyday wear. It gives a shinier, smoother glow to the skin. It has the perfect texture and variety of shades. It doesn’t feel like you have makeup on. All your concerns will be handled by this skin tint.

Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint

It is one of the best drugstore brands. This Glow hydrating tint will give a dewy finish. Be careful with this, It gives a little too glowy. It provides a natural glow without looking greasy. If you have dry skin, then this is the banger. It hydrates and gives moisture to the skin. You glow like a goddess. I would not suggest this to oily skin beauties. It is slightly heavier on the glowy side.

Glossier Dupes Concealer

Concealers can make you look the best or break your total look. It totally depends on the perfect shade and texture of the concealer. We have to hunt for the perfect concealers. Do not worry, I have picked the best drugstore concealers that don’t compromise the quality. It’s the best glossier dupes concealer on the market.

Glossier Concealer Dupes

NYX Bare with Me Concealer Serum

This Concealer Serum comes in nice packaging and it is lightweight. It’s medium coverage but you can easily set it to full coverage. It easily blends onto the skin. It gives a dewy and glowy finish. You can use this concealer with NYX bare with me skin tint for a glowy look.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer

Every girl on this planet definitely will have this concealer. I am still using this concealer. The texture and consistency are so good. You can easily blend it and it doesn’t look cakey or greasy. It is one of my favourite concealers. Trust me this is the best drugstore concealer.

Maybeline Instant Age Eraser Dark Cicle Concealer

One of the hyped products on the planet. But, it lives up to the expectations. It is easy to use and it blends real quickly. It covers your dark circles and blemishes. It gives full coverage and it lasts a long time.

E.L.F Hydrating Camo Concealer

This gives medium to full coverage. It lasts for a day and a small drop is enough to cover your eye area. It is totally affordable. The only disadvantage is the smell. It has a little bit of chemical smell if you’re okay with that then this is the best dupe.

Glossier Sheer Matte Lipstick

I love this Gen G lipstick. It gives a natural glow to the lip and it is easily suitable for everyday wear. I always get compliments whenever I wear this lipstick.

Glossier Dupes Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte

It is the best drugstore lipstick and it is long-lasting. It has the same colour range as glossier matte lipsticks. It is luscious and soft on the lips. One of the best glossier dupe lipstick.

Milani Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick

It has the perfect texture and it glides smoothly onto the lips. It is long-lasting. It doesn’t dry out your lips. It has a smooth and creamy texture yet gives a matte finish. This one is absolutely gorgeous.

Glossier FutureDew

FutureDew is one of the top-rated and most loved products. It gives a gloomy and well-moisturised look. If you’re having dry skin then this is the product you need to include in your makeup or skincare routine. It totally makes your skin soft, gloomy and healthy. This seems totally affordable yet I don’t wanna spend $30 dollars on a 30ml product.

We have the best dupes for that so that we can save all the extra money.

Glossier Dupes Serum

Ordinary Squalane Serum

This is the best glossier serum dupe. It is a retinol serum. It gives a healthy glow and makes your skin, smooth snd supple. If you use this with vitamin C serum then your face will glow like a goddess. These two serums are must have in skincare routine. It is totally affordable.

Cerave Resurfacing Retinol Serum

Another affordable serum and yet gives the best results. if you’re suffering from acne marks and spots this is the best serum to include in your skincare regime.

Glossier “Wowder” Powder

This wowder powder doesn’t leave cakey or dry. It is the best set up powder. It minimizes the shine and gives a matte look. It smooths and blurs your skin and gives a nice airbrushed look. However, the quantity is very small compared to the price.

We have got the best glossier dupe powder products that contain same formula and doesn’t leave cakey and gives a healthier glow.

Glossier Dupes Powder

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder

You will definitely love this. It has wide range of shades. It doesn’t leave cakey or oily. It balances out your skin with the perfect finish.

Revlon Candid Setting Powder

It softens the eyelines and set the makeup beautifully. It is totally affordable and with this price range it is pure gem. It absorbs the oil completely and gives a matte finish.

Glossier Blush Cloud Paint

This Blush Paint gives a natural subtle glow. It really looks like your face. I love these cheek tints, But, anyway, their packaging sucks. You only need a little amount of product and it lathers well on your skin. But this tube packaging always leaks with a more amount of product and it is a total mess.

We have amazing glossier blush paint dupes with the same result and give a healthy glow to the skin.

Glossier Dupes Blush Paint

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb

Glossier Cheek Paint dupe: This is the best glossier dupe blush paint. It is easily buildable and blends so smoothly into your skin. They are super pigmented. This blush paint gives a natural dewy finish.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Blush

It gives the Rosey sunburn look. It blends really well. It is pigmented and looks natural on your skin. This is the best drugstore glossier dupe.

Milani Cheek Kiss Blush

It easily gives the no-makeup look. It is easily blendable. It is suited for everyday or work wear. It does not expose your textured skin or your pores. It easily slides onto the skin. It lasts a long time.

Kiko Velvet Creamy Blush

Another amazing drugstore glossier dupe. It gives the natural look and is easily blendable. It’s a creamy formula, pigmented and it is long-lasting.

Pixi Cheek Blush

A little goes a long way. It is super long-lasting and gives a natural subtle glow. It is buildable up to get a perfect look.

NYX Cheek Tint Blush

It is very pigmented. It is a little bit dry on the skin. If you have oily skin then this is the perfect blush for you. It is soft and gives a natural glow to the skin.

Glossier Haloscope

It gives a natural glow to the skin and it is super wearable under a mask. This formula is a bomb. It easily slides into the skin, is super buttery, lasts all day.

Glossier Dupes Highlighter

Wet n Wild Mega Stick

This is the perfect highlighter or contour dupe. It will do its job. It is easily pigmented and gives a subtle glow.

E.L.F Jelly Pop Glow Stick

ELF glossier dupes: It’s a glowy Highlighter stick. It is creamy and beautiful on the skin. Gives the glowy look without glittery. It is easily blendable and the smell is amazing.

Glossier Lip Gloss

Glossier Lip Gloss range is so amazing. The aesthetic and the shade could not resist buying it. It plums up the lips and hydrates the lips. This lip gloss lasts longer.

Glossier Dupes Lip Gloss

E.L.F Jelly Pop Gloss

This is the best lip gloss glossier dupe. It has the same shade as glossier. It is totally glossy and long-lasting.

Maybelline Lip lifter Gloss

Dupes for Glossier lip gloss: This is one of the best Maybelline products. They launched this in 2020. It smells great and it is not sticky. It’s moisturizing and has 1% hyaluronic acid.

Glossier Lid Star

Glossier liquid eyeshadow gives a subtle glow but is not opaque.

Glossier Dupes Eyeshadow

Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten

This eyeshadow is a perfect dupe of glossier eyeshadow dupe. This glitter eyeshadow can spice up your look within minutes. It doesn’t cake up or any creases. It lasts all day long. It’s great glam for date night.

L’oreal Brilliant Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow

This liquid eyeshadow is glittery and gives a perfect glam look. It is a perfect colour to enhance your eyes.

NYX Glitter Goals Eyeshadow

It is easily pigmented. For more intensity, you can add two layers. It dries quickly and the shimmer lasts longer.

E.L.F Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

This super glittery eyeshadow gives a super glam, super bold look. It is very cheap compared to other eyeshadows and it gives an amazing glam look.

Glossier Boy Brow

This Boy brow thickens and shapes your eyebrow. This is the perfect go-to eyebrow tool.

Glossier Dupes Eyebrow

ColorPop Eyebrow Gel

This eyebrow gel is for a natural, everyday look. It gives the same fluffy brows.

NYX Clear Eyebrow Gel

It gives thick, bushy brows. It keeps your brows in place throughout the day.

Florence By mills Brow Gel

It doesn’t feel sticky or crusty. It stays all day and it gives thick brows.

E.L.F Wow brow gel

It is easy to apply and gives a natural filled brow. It enhances the brow and lasts all day.

Makeup Revolution Clear Brow Gel

It is inexpensive and lasts all day. Your brows stay in place all day and it gives thicker bushy brows.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

It is a perfect hydrating cleanser. If you have dry skin then this feels like heaven. It is a bit costlier for the product. So, anyway, we gonna have the best glossier cleansing dupes.

Glossier Dupes Cleanser

BeekMan Jelly Cleanser

Glossier Milk Jelly dupe: It has the same ingredients as glossier. It smooths your skin. It highly hydrates your skin.

Bliss Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser

It is the exact dupe of Glossier Jelly Cleanser. It removes the makeup and it is super gentle on the skin.

These are the best glossier dupes available on the market. Which one is your favourite? and if you know the best glossier like dupe then comment below.

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