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Classy Hair Color Ideas for women to look Awesome and Chic

2020 is still shaky and we are slowly moving on from the Pandemic fear. Salons are opened in most of the areas. So, Why don’t we give a Treat to ourselves by trying a new hair color to escape a little bit? We have carefully selected this Top 10 Classy hair color ideas for women to try this 2020.

You feel refreshed and rejenuvated after all the chaos happened. Surprise your loved ones with the new look. And don’t forget to wear your masks and be safe.

We have sorted out top 10 most trending hair color ideas in 2020 and you should definitely try any of this hair color.

Before proceeding to hair color ideas you must ensure which hair color will suit your skin?

Tips on choosing Hair color:

  1. Ensure whether you have warm or cool undertones.
  2. The easiest way to know that is by looking at your wrist. If your vein color is Green, your skin is warm-toned. If your vein color is blue, your skin is cool-toned.
  3. Another way to know is to notice whether your skin tans or turns red and burns when exposed to the sun. If you tan, you’re warm-toned and if it turns red, you’re most likely cool-toned.
  4. Warm hair colors like shades of blonde, red and brown suit cool-toned women really well.
  5. warm-toned skin can pull off cool colors like brown, champagne and beige.

Classy Hair Color Ideas for Women

Rich brown with Golden Balayage:

   A mix of Brown and golden would never go wrong. This kind of Balayage nowadays mostly loved by women. I love this combination. It suits to Dark to Medium skin tones. You totally look like a delicious Coffee in this look.

classy hair color ideas for women
Source: Instagram

Rooted Platinum:

   If you’re already blond this look is easily achievable. I mostly recommend this look to Fair skin tone. It comes with a Darker root and the lighter shade at the end.The contrast of the darker root to the blond highlight is very on trend for 2020.

rooted platinum

Chocolate Brown:

 Classy hair color ideas for women: Hair Color ideas for Black Hair: Chocolate Brown is widely famous and mostly used hair color across the globe.

Whenever we think of Hair color suddenly strikes Chocolate Brown which is very basic and still trending in 2020. Fair skin tone women can opt for Deep dark chocolate brown hair color and Medium to Dark skin tone women can opt for lighter brown hair color. Dark Brown hair Balayage is trending in 2020.

 This will suit for any skin toned people. So do not worry when trying this hair color. It definitely turn amazing on you.

chocolate brown hair color
Source: Instagram

Caramel Mocha:

  Caramel Mocha is my favorite hair color. You don’t need to go blonde.

This Caramel Mocha Balayage will create a dimension on your hair. Easily stand out and with the curls it will create a damn cool look.

caramel mocha
Source: Instagram

Natural looking Red:

      Red never gets old. With the new shades of Red, anyone can have red hair color. Wine red is my favourite. Before trying a red hair color ask your stylist which shade of Red will suit your skin.

natural looking red hair color

Dirty Brown:

 Classy Hair color ideas for women:  Only highlighting the certain parts in your hair to look natural and complement your skin tone. This is mostly loved by the Fashion instagrammers.

I am gonna try this look guys. I am absolutely in love with this. See, How it highlights your face shape and skin tone.

dirty brown hair color
Source: Instagram

BourBon Hair color:

Classy Hair color ideas for women: It is a Mix of Brown, red and mahogany. It is very pleasing to eyes. Only highlighting certain parts to bring a brighter dimension is the key here.

bourbon hair color
Source: Instagram

Coffee Break:

 Classy hair color ideas for women: Coffee Break balayage is best for the spring season. It creates a damn hot look.

Do not miss out from this. A Rich coffee break is much needed not only your stomach your hair too.

coffee break hair color
Source: Instagram

Classy hair color ideas for women to look awesome and chic in this 2020.

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