modern saree draping styles

Different Saree Styles wear to look awesome 2020

Different Saree Styles wear: Are you a serious saree Lover?  Do you wear saree to every occasion?

Are you bored of wearing saree in the same style?

We have got you.  Today, I am gonna show you different saree styles wear.  So, that you look awesome to each and every occassion.

Many people gonna be staring at you. so, be ready for that.😎

Sarees are loved by women worldwide.  There is no doubt in that. Wearing a saree is super simple and you look beautiful in any type of saree.

Sarees and Indian women are inseparable. Sarees still hold a strong influence among many Indian young women.

There are many different styles of draping a saree. I have covered modern saree draping styles here.

Different Saree Styles wear

Draping a saree:

              The most common style is the saree to be wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, baring a midriff.

             However, the saree can be draped in several different styles, though some styles do require a saree of a particular length or form.

If you want to know the basic draping style. How to wear Saree step by step. Please see the video here. In India, each and every state has its own specifics and culture. Saree style is also different from each and every state.

But, today I am gonna show you modern saree draping styles.

Different Saree Styles wear

Pant style saree:

 How to wear Saree in Modern Style: Pant Saree Style is trending in 2020. Saree pants are an ideal and comfortable outfit for both weddings and parties. There are many styles in draping a pant saree. This is one of the modern saree draping styles.

Tips on wearing pant saree:

  •         Always wear comfortable heels it will elongate your body and saree style.
  •        Make sure the pleats are well managed.
  •        Manage the saree with safety pins so that you won’t be distracted.

Cotton Gathering Pant:

How to wear a Saree in different styles: Wear a cotton gathering pant with the saree.  Make sure to wear any long necklace or bohemian jewellery to complete the whole look.

And Don’t forget to wear your heels it that makes perfect combination.

how to wear saree step by step

Jean over saree:

Jean is comfortable and mostly loved by all the women. If you’re a lover of Jean and Saree why don’t you combine and create a whole damn new look?  

Dhoti Saree

   Dhoti Style Saree is quiet popular among Bollywood Divas. Comfy, chic and Indo-western type.

As we already know this type of Saree is very ancient and mostly worn in Tamilnadu and Maharastra.

In Tamilnadu, It is called as MadiSaree. So, This type of ancient Saree now comes into Dhoti Saree.

Many young women are flaunting over this.

dhoti saree

Belted Saree Style:

  Different Saree Styles wear: Belted Saree Style is quiet Easy and it is comfortable. Who said to wear Belt only over Jean or Pants.

Why not Saree?

Look into these inspiration and create a Belted Saree look.

Wear a belt which matches your Saree Type. Thats it.

Voila. You’re ready.

different saree styles wear

Gown Style Saree Draping:

  How to wear Saree in Modern Style: This Pattern gives a look of Saree and a Gown together. This style gives me a Barbie feel.

You don’t have to worry about Pallu. You can easily create this look.

I have listed guided videos here.

modern saree draping style

Saree Draped over a Lehenga:

Innovative Saree Draping Styles: Saree Draped over Lehenga is my favourite look. You don’t have stitch a Blouse for your Saree. You can wear Lehenga Top as a Blouse.

This is such a cool look. If you have Lehenga and Saree at your home. Definitely Try this look.

      People really compliment on your creative matching style.

lehenga saree look

Saree Over Kurta:

Different Saree styles wear: Saree over Kurta style definitely looks stunning on you. We have so much of variety of styling a Saree.

A simple Kurti over Saree is absolute perfect combo.

Double Saree:

   Different Saree Styles wear: Double Saree is a bit complicated but it is worth it. Taking two different Sarees and creating a new look.

Look at this inspiration.

I have listed the tutorials here how to style a Double Saree.

double saree

Butterfly Style:

Saree wearing Styles to look slim: Butterfly style is considered as the Bollywood Style. The pleats of Pallu made here thin to allow the Peeping of Navel or Midriff.

To look extraordinary in this look, Use chiffon or net Saree for an elegant draping of Saree.

Open Pallu style:

 Innovative Saree draping styles: This is very Straightforward and Easy to wear. You don’t have to put any fleats in this type of Style. This is very much trending among younger generations.

Coat Saree

Different Saree Styles wear: Coat Saree is very comfy and easy to wear. If you have any Denim Coat or Any jacket you can style over your Saree.

These are the different Saree Styles wear. If you know anything other than this please comment below. You can get these Sarees from Myntra or amazon.

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