Favourite Fashion trends of all time

We all love Fashion. We have seen some worst and best fashion trends over the decade. Today, I want to share some of my favourite fashion trends of all time. Fashion can make you look chic at the same time can make you look ugly. It depends on what you are choosing to wear.

Denim Jacket

My all-time favourite is Denim. Seriously, you can style a denim jacket in n number of ways. These are go-to style and you can find many varieties of styles in Denim. My number one favourite.

denim jacket

BoHo Dress

I am quite recently in love with them and it is perfect for this summer. These are beautiful, elegant and comfy. Whenever I wear a Boho dress I feel beachy vibes. There are a variety colors and styles. The material kinda thin but that’s what I needed for this summer. I would pick a boho dress for everything whether it could be a date evening or girls get together or family outing. Its a just perfect piece.

Boho dress

Palazzo Pants

Yes, again I am recent lover for this. But, this exists over a decade in fashion world. I choose fashion plus comfy kinda clothes. Absolutely this comes under this category. This would be good for casual as well as office outfit and also it can be a party outfit. It provides many options. You can style it with high heels or flats. On both, it looks good.

Palazzo pants


Skirts can be more stylish it can be more formal or party also beachy. This is one of incredible fashion of all time. This is Goto wear. You can instantly style a skirt with anything. Adding some stylish gold jewellery it gives a royal look.

Black dress

I really don’t have to tell anything about black dress. We all wore the same black dress to different occasion and still no one has found out. You can style a black dress in many ways.

White Shirt

White shirt is my all-time favourite fashion trends. Spending in a Good Quality white shirt is must. It just brightens up your mood whenever you wear a white shirt. You can style this with anything. It can be Denim shorts or skirts or jean literally anything. I love wearing a chain necklace on this and it looks gorgeous and gives a rich look.