hair growth tips

The Secret Hair Growth Tips no one Ever tells you

Hair Growth Tips

Are you suffering from Dandruff? Or Hairloss? Or your hair growth is stopped at a certain length. No need to worry. And also you don’t have to spend more money on your hair growth.

Today, We gonna show you DIY home remedies which are proven and effective.

Anyone can do this DIY at home and it is very cheap.

Natural Remedies are more effective and it will not create any side effects.

If you feel allergic to any ingredients mentioned here, please do not try that hair mask.

Lets dive into Hair Growth Tips.

Banana Hair Mask

 Hair Growth Tips: Banana has numerous nourishing properties. Banana is an excellent source of vitamins, magnesium, potassium and silicon.

     Banana and its peel have anticmicrobial properties. It can reduce Dandruff and fungal infections.

     Its natural condition properties will make your damaged hair smooth, soft and bouncy.

  • Banana and Coconut oil Hair Mask:

       Hair Growth Tips: Coconut oil has moisturizing and healing properties. Its fatty acids give heavy volume to your hair and it nourishes your hair.

Both combined gives long lasting shine and it promotes hair growth.


  •       1 tbsp of Coconut oil
  •       1 tbsp of Coconut milk
  •       1 ripe banana

Mash the banana in a bowl and add coconut oil and coconut milk. Make it a thick paste.

How to Apply:

      Apply the Paste in your scalp and root of the hair and tips of your hair. Cover the entire scalp and all your hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes. After that shower your hair with water and shampoo.

  •   Banana and Egg Hair Mask:

          Hair Growth Tips: Eggs are the best source of protein, which is great for hair growth. If you have oily hair use egg white. If you have dry hair use egg yolk.

If you have normal hair you can use both Eggyolk and Eggwhite.


  1. Banana
  2. Egg
  3. 1 tbsp of olive oil
  4. 1 tbsp of honey

Mix all the ingredients and make a thick paste. Apply the mask to your scalp, hair and tips. Leave it for 1 hour. Rinse of with water and shampoo.

  • Banana and Argan oil Hair Mask

       Best Hair growth tips to improve thickness and reduce hair loss. Argan oil contains fatty acids and Vitamin E. It prevents hair loss, dry hair.


  1. Banana
  2. 3 tpsp of Argan oil

Mix the ingredients and apply it on Scalp and Hair roots and tips. Rinse it off after 30 mints.

Almond Milk and coconut oil

  Almond milk contains a high amount of iron, also great for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss. The fatty acids in almond milk make it suitable for deep conditioning hair and promoting softness. It can also help tame flyaways and frizzy hair.

   Coconut oil promotes the scalp health fighting against such problems as insect bites, lice and dandruff. Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair. Coconut oil adds luster, shine and softness to the hair. Coconut oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length.


     2 tbsp of Coconut oil

     5 tbsp of almond milk

Mix the ingredients and apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it for 40 minutes and rinse it off with water and shampoo.

Hot oil Treatment

     Hot oil Treatment is the best. It relieves all your stress and Tension. Definitely you feel relaxed after a good hot oil massage.

Ditch the salons, you can do the Hot oil hair treatment at home. Take any oil for eg (Almond oil or Virgin coconut oil or Olive oil)

If you wanted to mix these three oils yes you can do it. If you prefer any one oil that is also fine.

Heat the oil and take a cotton. Dip the cotton into the oil and slowly apply it on your whole scalp.

Before trying this Make sure you have combed your hair and it is better to take two partitions and then applying.

You can feel the stress relieving from your head.

And then apply the rest of the oil into the hair roots and tips.

After done applying make a bun and tie your hair. Leave it for 1 hour.

Rinse it off with Lukewarm water and Shampoo.

Tips: A key to healthy hair is Stress-free life and a healthy lifestyle. So, keep your mind, body, soul rejenuvated.

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I hope this post helps some of you. If you have any tips please free feel to share here. Your comments are most welcome.

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