hair styles for lehenga

20 Awesome Hair Styles for Lehenga

Lehenga is a popular outfit in India. It never goes out of fashion. Many varieties of styles are coming up. The Lehenga is very close to our hearts. We wear it for a reception, marriage, engagement, and several other festive occasions. I listed out the top 20 beautiful Hairstyles for lehenga here.

Lehenga, overall, is an emotion. We want to look amazing and feel very comfortable at the same time. How do you look amazing without your hairstyle being worked out? The Hairstyle is the first step in deciding your overall look for every look.

I’ve listed the 20 best and most distinctive hairstyles for Lehenga outfits here. In these cool hairstyles, you look simply beautiful and breathtaking.

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Best Hair Styles for Lehenga

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If you have short hair, then this hairstyle is just right for you. With your short hair, you can easily create a bun and decorate it with some white flowers. You’re ready to go.  You look trendy effortlessly. This is an Easy Hair Style.

If you don’t want to use fresh flowers you can always go for artificial flowers. They are beautiful and cute. Shop the beautiful artificial flower that is specially designed for buns.

hair styles for lehenga

Low PonyTail

Instead of coming up with complicated hair styles for lehenga, a low ponytail is really good for you. This is perfectly fine if you don’t have time to do heavy hair styling. This is a plain, quick and go-to style of hair. Look how Kriti Sanon slayed it.

Twisted Bun Hair Styles for Lehenga

The Twisted Bun Hairstyle is simple and quiet. You can create this bun quickly. This is suitable for short hair as well as long hair.

If you feel your hair is very short of making a bun, then I would suggest you try a bun extension. That is so cool and looks very natural. Take a look at a wide range of bun extension which suits your hair.

Voluminous Bun hairstyles for lehenga choli

A Voluminous bun is good for long hair. It looks bouncy and fabulous. Make it a messy bun if you want. It will look extra cuter. Bun Accessories every girl needs to make a cute messy bun.

Loose HairStyles on lehenga choli

If you’re in a hurry, nothing better than Loose Hair Style. A sleek straight hairstyle for lehenga choli is good to go. Using oil serum helps to maintain straight hair.

Curly Hairstyles for Lehenga

How to style your curly hair for lehenga? There are different hair styles specially made for the beautiful curly hair that you look great in every hair style, from bun to free hair style.

If you have a natural curly hair then its good to free style your hair.

You can create curls using this budget friendly curler at your home.

Hairstyles for crop top lehenga

This hair style is simply beautiful. Another easy hair style. You only need a min to create this beautiful hair style.

Hairstyles for engagement in lehenga

This is Fishtail Half bun. It looks very cute and it is very trendy and fashionable.

Hairstyles for Bridal Lehenga

This is best suit for brides. It looks elegant and classy.

Hairstyles for lehenga dress

This is a beautiful hairstyle. It looks fashionable and wears it with some flowers. This is best for any reception function or engagement function.

Bun hairstyles for lehenga

That’s the latest type of curly hairstyle. Swirl your hair like a rose and it looks beautiful.

Hairstyles for lehenga for short hair

This is a Simple and Easy hair style. Just twist some of the front hair and join it with some floral hair clip.

Hairstyle for lehenga saree

Hairstyles on lehenga for wedding

This is good for your Engagement function or Deepali festive.

Best hairstyles for lehenga

Hairstyles on lehenga for wedding

This hairstyle is the total mood. Just decorate your simple bun with all the colorful roses.

Party bun hairstyles for lehenga

This is unique hair style.

Hair Styles on Lehenga

Side Swept hair style is cool and easy to do. If you have long hair it looks very beautiful.

Short hair Hairstyles for Lehenga

If you have a short hair then this is the perfect hair styles for lehenga. Wear a floral clip to look more attractive.

Braided Bun

Braided Bun is effortless, and you look more put together in this hairstyle without trying too much. Decorate your cute bun with a jasmine flower or any other flower to stand out. This is a very traditional hairstyle for the lehenga.

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