How to Do Hair Spa at Home Naturally

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Today Lets talk about how to do hair spa at home naturally.

We wanna pamper our hair from dullness, damage and so many other problems. But, This pandemic is quiet stressing us.

We have to wear masks all the time. Its quiet uneasy and we won’t feel comfortable wearing masks when we doing hair spa.

So, Today I wanna share you how you can easily do Hair spa at home without any chemical products. Yes… Only Organic Products.

And you can save tons of money.

These are all Easy Peesy Home remedies to get over the stress and damaged hair.

How to do Hair Spa at Home Naturally

What is a hair spa?

HairSpa basically consists of 3 Steps. However, You can add many steps if you want. No BS rules here.

  1. Vitamin Wash / Oiling
  2. Steaming
  3. Hair Mask

Vitamin Wash/Oiling

Vitamin Wash is very simple technique which is used to clear your dandruff and also gives vitamins to your dull and damaged hair.

You can’t do this step with Oiling. This is best for treating Itchy scalp and dandruff.

How did I know about this?

Actually I went for Hair spa at famous Parlour. My scalp condition was terrible. I had itchy scalp. I had dandruff. Oh, My hair condition was horrible. I don’t know why I have decided to try Hair spa. Hair spa actually smooths and give shines to your hair.It has nothing to do with Itchy scalp and dandruff.

And the Staff looked into my scalp. She told I can’t do Hair spa. You won’t see any results because your scalp is very damaged and you have so much of dandruff in your hair.

She recommended me to take Vitamin Wash. I also agreed. Here, The story comes. I thought she pours some kind of chemical onto my scalp. But, Nah..

She mixed Ginger Juice and Lemon Juice and she was massaging all over my scalp. First, I didn’t know about this. I was speaking to her friendly. Then, She told me that you can try this at home.

The Parlour Charged me only for the Vitamin wash 1000 Bucks guys. Unbelievable.

How much Ginger Juice and Lemon Juice costs you. I can say it comes under 10 Bucks.

But, The Massaging was good.

So, Even Famous Parlour is trying Natural Products. Why would you want to waste the money If you can do it at home?

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How to do hair spa at home with Natural Ingredients


  1. 4-5 tbsp of Lemon Juice
  2. 4-5 tbsp of Ginger Juice
  3. 1 tbsp of water

How to Do?

Mix Lemon Juice and Ginger juice with little bit of water. Shake well. Apply this liquid straightly onto your scalp. Massage your hair with this liquid. Apply all over scalp area and also in your hair. After Massaging your scalp you can feel the itchy sensation is completely gone.

After that, Take a Big Mouth Comb. Slowly comb your hair. Be gentle here.

You can see all the dandruff and rough skin falls in the floor.

Before doing this I highly recommend you to wear a Towel or any cloth around your shoulders.


For this step, You need Any oil. But, I recommend you for Coconut oil, Castor oil, a Very little bit of Tea Tree oil.

Mix these three oils and heat it in the mild flame. Massage this oil very gently and slowly onto your scalp.

If you have anyone to help in the massaging part that would be great. If not also, don’t worry. There are tons of DIY tutorials on Youtube.

   I always massage by myself. I learned this technique when I did One month Beauty Parlour Workshop.

I can’t describe the feelings how much I relieved after the Hot oil Massage Treatment.

It is very much needed. You can see the instant feeling after good Hot oil Massage.

After massaging, Leave it for 30 minutes as it absorbs all the moisture into your hair.

Note: If you are suffering from dandruff I won’t recommend this step.


 Here, comes the favourite part. After the Heavy massage, you can give rest to your fingers. if you do it by yourself You know how much your fingers hurt. So, This is the relaxing part. You can buy the affordable Streamer at amazon.

If you are out of budget, Don’t worry I got you. You just need a Thick Towel and some Karvol Plus Capsule or Tea Tree Oil and Lemon juice.

Add one capsule and 1 tbsp of lemon juice in the hot water. Soak the Towel in the Hot water.

Put it on your hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes till the heat decreases.

Try another round of soaking and placing it on your hair.

After that, You can shampoo your hair. I recommend you to use a mild shampoo. Do not wash your hair heavily. Don’t worry if your hair is a little bit oily. Because we have one more step left out.

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Home Spa Hair Mask

For this, I have already shared a post. depending on your hair nature the hair masks can be varied. I have already written a detailed post about Homemade Natural Hair masks for different hair care Problems.

But, for a Quickie, I recommend you to use a Hibiscus Powder, Henna or Amla Powder. Mix it with water.

Apply this paste all over your scalp and hair roots. Leave it for 30 mins. After this wash your hair with Lukewarm water. Do not use Shampoo.

These are all Pretty simple and affordable Hair spa you can make at home.

Before starting Home Spa for Hair, You can light it up with Lavender candle or any other scent candle to set the mood. You can also make some green tea to drink while relaxing in the steaming part. Also for bathing, You can use Epsom salts to relieve the stress from your body. These are all extra layers.

You can enjoy by yourself. Lets make it fun.

I mostly went to parlors for hair spa. Before I don’t know how to do a hair spa at home. Then I tried and tested many natural methods for hair spa and here I am writing for you guys.

It is worth Trying and Very effective.

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