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How to do your perfect eyebrows at home during Quarantine Days

Hello Guys, Hope yo’re all maintaining social distancing and maintaining hygiene. How to do your Perfect eyebrows at home during Quarantine days. Parlours and Salons are all locked down due to coronavirus. I know doing eyebrows at home sucks. We have to do it by ourselves. This is the positive thing actually we are learning so much during this period. So, Today we gonna see which is the best way to do Perfect eyebrows at home.

Eyebrows Razor and Trimmer

This is the simple tool which we’ve already used for facial hair removal. We just need to know how to shape your eyebrows without messing it. We need to have the right tool and to know the right process. Before starting out, clean your face if any oils or serums, creams applied. Then it will be a tedious task and also some people get rashes on their skin.

Shape your eyebrows at home

If yo’re just starting out, you can only take extra hair so that the shape will not get spoiled. you can remove the centre part of your eyebrows. Carefully remove the upper and lower thin part of your area. It’s depending on you. If you want thicker brows you can take just the extras of lower and upper and trim other parts.

Thinner Brows

If you want thinner brows carefully remove the excess hair in the lower and upper part and trim the front. I have used this facial razor before it is easy and compatible to remove hair. I have done many times. U can too with this easily available tool. Once you learnt this technique it will be easy, at first, it seems vague.

Tweezing eyebrows at home

If you’re preferring to use tweezers then it’s fine. You can find many tweezing eyebrows at home tutorials on youtube. I do not have any experience in using tweezers. I am kinda razor person. I feel this is an easy way to do eyebrows at home.

After you’ve shaped your brows, use an eyebrow pencil to see whether it is in perfect shape or if you’ve missed any part then you can remove that part.

After finishing everything, Apply powder or oil to ease your eyebrow part. I hope this post helps you to DIY eyebrows at home during this Quarantine. Free feel to share your thoughts and also comment on what to post next. I am eagerly waiting for your comments.

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