How to get ready fast for work and Look amazing

I am always confused about what to wear to the office every morning Because I am not a typical morning person. I get up late and just in hurry burry, I’ll get ready but this year I have promised myself not to get up late or at least have a set of plans what I am gonna wear every day. Please read this post to fully know about how to get ready fast for work and look amazing

Because getting ready in the morning without figuring out what to wear really stresses me out. Whenever I wear a good outfit or tried differently makes me happy in the workplace throughout the entire day. So, I’ll make an outfit decision on Sunday morning like what I am going to wear throughout the week.

I’ll prepare based on my work schedule. If I have any presentations has to given by me I’ll go with any powerful suit or Jacket. If I have any colleague lunch treat, I’ll wear any casual wear. It all depends on the individuals. Today, I am gonna list you 10 easy and stylish work outfit ideas.

Changing from boring Kurtas to Mini Dress

In India, Most of the companies will have a dress code for men and women. I’ve been there. But, instead of wearing your kurtas you can opt for a mini dress and style it with a jean. It will give a more fresh look. Floral or Bohemian dresses are best to wear in the workplace.

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Long Tshirt and a Cropped Jean

Yes, You can wear a Long Tshirt with a cropped jean and add some jewellery. Pair it with any sandals. I love this combination.

long tshirt
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High waisted Pants with a Crop Top and Blazer

You can create a formal as well as a casual look with high waisted pants. I love wearing this. It gives you a taller and powerful look. If you have any important meetings to attend this will give you an extra boost.

high waisted pants
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Sarees are most underrated when comes at the workplace. People try to fall into the western outfits. But, Sarees are stylish and elegant if you can easily pull this within 10 minutes. You can create more looks in saree.

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I hope this post helps you with how to get ready fast for work and Look amazing.

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