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How to Glow up – 20 ways to Glow up instantly

This Glow Up Series will make you physically and mentally glow. So, sit back, relax, and grab a cup of coffee read the post fully to know the Best glow up tips and glow up ideas.

We’ve all been so preoccupied with our lives that taking care of ourselves has become a chore. I hardly do this glow up session whenever I have to attend a wedding or any function. Otherwise, I don’t even care about these things.

But this year, whether I’m going to a function or not, I’ve committed to doing this glow up session. I want to be my best both physically and mentally.

I hope you feel the same way. We want to pamper ourselves while also providing good nutrition for our bodies. Who will look after us if we don’t look after ourselves?

Most importantly, tracking our progress in this glow up will give us a lot of satisfaction because we can see we have made an effort to love ourselves and how far we have come in this glow up session.

I would highly suggest you have self care journal or any notebook to see the progress of ‘how to glow up’ series.

What is a Glow up?

A Glow up is a mental, physical and an emotional transformation for the better. Source – Urban dictionary Read fully to know how to glow up naturally.

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How to have a Glow up

Breathing Exercise

This, believe it or not, has the potential to change your life. Mindfulness breathing has numerous health benefits. Pranayama is the most suitable method for beginners. It relaxes your facial muscles, relieves stress, and improves your complexion.

How to glo up with breathing Exercise?

You can also try the Belly Breathing technique. Keep a right hand on your chest and a left hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath in through your nose, paying attention to how the air moves through your belly and chest.

This will relax your body and will keep your mind calm. It helps in reducing acne and improves skin complexion.

Your skin will naturally glow, and your mind will relax. It is not good for your skin if you are stressed. We all get breakouts and acne, and these exercises will help us get rid of them.

How to Glow up Physically

Physical Activity

Any physical activity is worth the time. You can go jogging or to the gym. You can play your favorite sport as it all adds up in your skin to glow. Exercise will help improve blood circulation and help improve your skin complexion. Badminton, Basket Ball, or any sport improves blood circulation and oxygenation, resulting in glowing skin.

Exercise promotes blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, which results in stronger and glowing hair.

Do What Makes you Happy

As cliche as it may sound, But we often forget to do this step. Do we even know what makes us happy? If not, go ahead and find out for yourself today. Make a list of your hobbies and think about which makes you happy and feel alive.

Small things added to day-to-day activities will bring more happiness to your life. Painting, dancing, singing, or visiting an art gallery are just a few examples. Whatever it may be, repeating this will naturally flourish your inner happiness. When you’re happy and peaceful, your skin will blossom like never before.

How to get a Glow up

how to glow up

Eat Healthy

Eating nutrient-dense foods will keep your gut healthy. Eczema and other skin conditions may be linked to poor gut health. The term “Gut Health” refers to the proper functioning and balancing of the bacteria in the various parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

A well-balanced diet rich in plant-based foods, whole grains, and fresh fruits aids in the maintenance of good gut health. Binge Snacking and drinking too much caffeine and alcohol will lead to poor gut health.

Skincare Routine

I’m not sure what you’re doing if you’re not following this skincare routine. Repeat after me: skincare is my number one priority. It’s a must-do if you want to have glowing skin. You can incorporate Any additional steps in your skincare regimen that are dependent on your skin type. If you want a pretty face then you gotta work for it.

CTM is the real deal. This skincare routine has been a part of my daily routine for the past two years. I only wash my face and apply face cream before that. My skin feels revitalized and alive after CTM. I’m a little late to the skincare game. But, if you haven’t already, get started on this routine and achieve your skin goals. These are the best glowing up tips.

How to Glow up after a breakup

Get rid of Toxicity

If you have toxic friends or toxic relationships, it’s time to let them go. With toxic people in your life, you will never reach your full potential. Most importantly, your mental health will be jeopardized if you associate with those people.

It may provide you with temporary happiness, but it is not worth it, ladies. I’ve been there before. I went through a lot. But now, I am free from toxic people.

We must also assess ourselves to see if we are causing toxicity to people. Sometimes we unknowingly do toxic things. Recognizing it and changing our behavior is critical for our overall health.

Do Not Stress

All problems are caused by stress. Stress causes all physical and mental problems. We can easily say ‘Do not Stress,’ but it is difficult to maintain. During stressful times, try watching Cat/Dog videos and notice how your stress level drops. It was extremely beneficial to me during my difficult times.

Do not Binge eat during your stressful times. We have a tendency to overeat, which leads to obesity and other health issues. We don’t want to cause ourselves any more problems. To relieve stress, use a stress buster ball or a spinning tool.

Find your unique ways to cope up with your stress.


A facial can give your skin an instant glow and brightness. You can do any fruit facial or any specific facial twice a month to maintain the skin’s glow and moisture. Facials will instantly make your skin glow, and they are well worth the investment. Try to get a salon facial because it will give a relaxing effect.

If not try to do it at your home using these facial kit and you can visibly see the difference.

Get a Haircut

How to glow up overnight? A new hairstyle can definitely lift your face and make you more attractive. If you don’t want any fancy haircuts, a straight simple haircut is fine. These minor details will make you appear cleaner, neater, and more attractive.

Treat yourself with Haircolor

Haircolor can radically change one’s overall look. It’s time to experiment with hair color if you haven’t already. It’s a lot of fun, and you look stunning. However, try to consult with a hair expert before deciding on hair color. You can even try it at home with Revlon hair color and get the same result. Check out the classy hair color ideas for women.

How to Glow up Naturally

Drink Wine

If you like Red Wine, then this is the best news for you. Red wine can help in anti-aging and helps to get clear skin, improves skin complexion and it prevents hair loss. Drinking one glass of wine can help to slim down the waistline and even increase the longevity of lifespan.

Try Affirmations

Affirmations are the most effective way to alter your appearance. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you are well aware of it. How our subconscious mind picks whatever we say in our heads, whether good or bad, and accepts it. As a result, speaking gently to yourself is extremely important.

Try Positive affirmations every morning and night as it will change your subconscious mind rapidly. If you feel good inside then the outer self will reflect that.


Journaling can assist you in clearing your mind. When you write it down in your journal, all of the emotional blockages and trauma that have been building up in your mind will be released. It can assist you in seeing things clearly. Journaling aids in the treatment of depression and anxiety. So, every day in the morning, write for 30 minutes about whatever comes to mind; it doesn’t have to make sense.


When it comes to hair care, we must be cautious and experiment to find out what works best for us. Hair spa is best done twice a month in salons with professionals. It adds shine, glow, and nourishment to your hair. Among millennials, the Keratin Treatment is the most popular. You can even try it at home using natural ingredients for the best results.


Treat your body like a Temple. The most important step in glowing up is to take care of your body. To achieve smooth skin, apply body butter or lotion. I’ve recently started using body butter in my routine. That smells wonderful, and it removes dark patches while also evening out the skin’s complexion.

If you want to get rid of dark patches on your skin, this is the best body scrub and body butter to use. I’m crazy in love with these combinations. It gives me immediate results and leaves my skin smooth and soft.


The majority of the people I spoke with always looked at my feet. I felt strange because my body and face appeared to be glowing. My feet, however, did not match my skin or body. I was so embarrassed that I decided to start caring for my feet.

You must value every part of your body in the same way that you value your face. Give your feet a relaxing foot spa treatment. If not, try using these foot care kits at home. It is very relaxing and relieves all of your body’s stress.


Nails that are well-polished will have a more appealing appearance. A French manicure is an easy way to get started with your nail game. Manicure and pedicure are essential in this glow-up series. You don’t have to go to a salon to get your nails done. There are numerous DIY Mani/Pedi recipes that use household ingredients. This will produce the same result.

Plan and Prepare your Week

We can’t possibly remember everything. As a result, it is preferable to plan your schedule, work meetings, and even skin care routines. Everything is planned in my journal. It keeps me occupied and less stressed. In my journal, I write down my pampering routine and include every detail.

Watch your favourite Kdramas

We need to unwind and relax in order to get more work done. In today’s hectic world, diversion is sometimes a better option. After a long day, a relaxing sweet Korean drama can help you unwind. If you’re a beginner, I recommend watching Goblin. It’s totally binge-worthy, entertaining, and romantic.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Before going to bed, sip on Chamomile Tea. Your mind and body get relaxed. If you’re having trouble with your sleep then this is the best remedy, it will instantly put you in sleep mode. Chamomile tea is high in antioxidants, which help to improve the health of your skin. It brightens the skin and lightens the complexion.

Dress up

Dressing up is an art. We buy a lot of stuff during sales and never use them. Instead of wasting your money on low-quality items, try to pick and choose the clothes without sacrificing the quality.

How to look stylish every day and How to know your personal style? This is a must-read if you want to know your signature style and Which clothes look perfect on you.

How to glow up over the summer

Summer care is important. Having a good Sunscreen and Body lotion with SPF is important. We have to be careful when going out in the sun. Using Hat or Umbrella can protect us from the harsh UV rays. Avoid Heavy makeup during summer.

Use Sunglasses to protect your eyes. By drinking enough water makes our body cool and hydrated for a long time. Drink fresh juices and fresh coconut water. It will help to improve skin health and complexion.

How to Glow up in a Month

If you follow the above points you can easily get a glow up in a month. It may be hard to maintain these steps at first, but if you stick to it, it will be a well worth gift for yourself. How to glow up list is the must to have in your self care journal.

How to get a Glow up in a Week

It is a little bit difficult to get a glow up in a week but if you proceed in a sincere and consistent manner, anything can be possible. The mentioned above points will be a crucial step in achieving glowing skin.

How to Glow up during Quarantine

Eating healthy foods and drinking fresh juices will boost our immunity and help to restore glowing skin. Avoid eating foods outside and avoid drinking soda. It may hurt your gut health and it leads to many health problems.

Eat a handful of nuts like almonds, walnut will help clear acne and give a clear skin.

Masking is important during quarantine as we spend most of the time indoors. Use any sheet masks or charcoal masks to remove dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads.

These are the Effective yet Simple Glowing tips and ideas.

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