How to look good in Tshirt and Jeans

Hello Ladies, Hope you are doing well. Today’s topic is about how to look good in Tshirt and jeans. We definitely have at least one T-shirt to wear at home or outside and definitely a jean. So, How could you style your single t-shirt and jeans in various ways.

Basic White Plain Tshirt and Blue Jean

I always love a plain white t-shirt and a blue jean combo. This is perfect, right? It never goes out of fashion. Classic and yet chic.

If you could tell me one outfit to wear on all occasions I definitely choose this. Because this is easy and sassy.

white tshirt

White Plain T-shirt with layered necklaces. Yes, You heard me right? Layered necklace with a white T-shirt is a cool combo. I have been stumbled upon seeing Miley Cyrus Instagram. Because she wears lots of layered necklace with a plain t-shirt and jeans. She adds more jewellery to her fingers and wears bracelets.

It just gives a damn and cool look. Its kinda stylish bossy look. Add a Boots to that. Omg, You are a real dealer kinda look it brings.

Monochrome Look

Go Monochrome!! Yup, nowadays monochrome is trendy. Go full Black. If you have a black Tshirt and Black jeans.

That’s it, Add any stud earrings and a Black shiny wallet. This gives a fab look and don’t forget to wear your Black boots.

Black tshirt

Graphic Tshirt

Graphic T-shirts are absolutely my favourite. I am a big fan of minions. I was searching for minion t-shirts online and at my local store. But I couldn’t get one at that time. Later I bought it.

Whenever I wear a minion tshirt I feel awesome and more enjoyable. Because I love minions. The same goes for anything.

If you’re a fan of BTS or Justin Bieber. Whenever you wear their faces tshirt you feel extra energy because you love them.

This kinda outfit goes well in an outing with friends and family.

graphic tshirt

Neon Color Tshirt

Bring Back Bold Color Tshirt! Yes, Wear bold color tshirt. It could be neon orange or yellow, red. This instantly gives a bold and warm look.

Add a Gucci belt or any other signature belts. It brings more detail to your outfit.

neon tshirt
source: Pinterest

Add a Long Leopard Coat

Yes, Wear any kind of tshirt and Jean. Add a Leopard Long coat to fill it up. It just brings more elegance and stylish look.

leopard coat

Denim On Denim

Denim on Denim. There are a variety of Denim coats. Torn Denim Coat or Floral Denim coat, Label Denim coat. whichever you can just pair it with a t-shirt and a jean. It gives a youthful look.

Denim coat

Long Floral Coat

Last month I purchased Long floral Coat. It is yellow and mixed floral colors. I just paired it with a white plain T-shirt and skinny jean. It just gave me a fresh summer look.

The Bohemian Chic

Yes, you can create a Boho Look using your t-shirt and jeans. Add a piece of boho jewellery and add a nose ring. This gives more boho vibes.

Indo Western

Indo Western is nothing but the little bit same as boho. but the jewellery varies. You can add Indian accessories and add Indian style overcoat with some Kajal on your eyes. It gives an ethnic look.

If you follow Vidhya vox, she is a famous Indian singer and a youtube celebrity. She wears more of this kind of style. I am inspired by her looks.

The Scarf

Nowadays, You have seen many fashionistas using headscarf to style. I loved it. It creates a different cute look. If you haven’t tried it, please try and it gives more cuteness.

Another Scarf look is style it on your neck.


Add a Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets are absolutely Girl boss look. Add a Contrast colour Leather Jacket to your t-shirt. so that it will stand out or add Black leather Jacket it suits for most of the T-shirt.

Leather jacket

Add a Shirt

I know this is an old style. But I love this. I have recreated more looks using shirt over my t-shirt. I love checked Tshirts. Add your checked shirt or any other shirt over your T-shirt. It gives a smart look.

Style your Cami Top on Tshirt

Yes, In my previous post I have created this look. Styling Cami top on your plain t-shirt but this will only suitable in the winter season.

I hope this post gave you some clarity on how to look good in Tshirt and Jeans. I was not a huge fan of the t-shirt wearer. But, once I know how to put it together now I am loving this.

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