how to always look stylish

How to look stylish everyday? – 7 Easy ways

How to look stylish everyday? Seems very tough. You just landed on the right page. I am going to show you how to look stylish everyday without putting in too much effort?

Stylish means wearing comfy clothes and feeling confident in your looks and knowing how to make just a basic outfit to little less basic.

You don’t have to spend huge money to look stylish. There are many ways to look stylish without costing any extra money from your wallet.

If you know your Personal Style this step is very much easy for you. I have already written How to find your personal style? in a detailed manner.

I would not suggest you buy a bunch of clothes and using it One or Two times and then throwing it away. Start from small portion of clothes and then take it further.

If you have more clothes sleeping in your wardrobe I would highly recommend you to donate some of the clothes or try to resell them.

How to look Stylish Everyday

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Wear Cool clothes

Try out some Baggy jeans or Flared jeans or Boyfriend jeans. I love skinny but I am really bored with it. I only wear skinny jeans occasionally nowadays. Baggy jeans are cooler and very stylish.

I have listed some of the best jeans you could easily find on Amazon.

Add some crop top with those Baggy jeans or Flared jeans. You will really look stylish and it is very much comfortable. Casual yet classy Look.

Having Good quality denim is always the best choice. So, Invest in some of the best good quality denim. You can mix and match with different tops.

Popping up some Accessories

How to look stylish everyday:

Adding Layered Necklaces to any outfit gives a more stylish and casual look. Hoop Earrings are very stylish and elegant. It goes well with casual outfits as well as traditional outfits. These are easily available on Amazon and many online shopping sites.

Always Tuck In

Always Tuck in your shirt or Tshirt or even sweaters during winter season. It makes your outfit look sharper and gives the illusion of longer legs as well. It slightly shows you little taller. It is a great tip for shorter girls. So, Do not forget to Tuck in next time.

how to look stylish everyday

Wear Stylish Belts

Belts are not only for tightening your loose pants. It is also used to give the complete look when you’re using belts. It looks incredibly stylish and cool look.

Pairing Right

Always Pair something tight with something loose. Wear a Tight T-shirt with Loose pants or Baggy jeans or you can pair an oversized shirt with Skinny jeans or Leggings. So, Basically striking the right balance to make you look your outfit flattering on the body is extremely important.

how to look stylish everyday

Steam Iron

Invest in Good steam Iron. Nothing is worse than wearing wrinkled clothes. Even if you put together the best outfit but if your clothes are wrinkled it just takes away everything. This is why investing in Steam iron is important. With the steam iron, you can easily iron your clothes within minutes, unlike regular irons.

If you’re running for a party or dinner date this can really save your life.

I just added the best Steam iron which is easily affordable and in great quality.

Add a Scarf

Add a Scarf around your neck to look like French chic or tie your hair using a beautiful scarf. It is for multipurpose. But, in both ways, you look adorably cute. Adding a Scarf is a fun little layering piece. It just gives a chic sophisticated vibes to any of your outfits.

If you’re running out of time then Adding a cute Bandana to your hair gives a more polished stylish look. You don’t have to worry about looking stylish. It’s just a lifesaver.

Wear Cute Hats

Cabby Hats are really cute and very chic. It just gives the fun playful vibe. Berets are very trendy and you only need this to look more stylish. Try some different hats and find which hat looks good on you. To be more stylish you just have to experiment with it.

Layer up

Layering is literally everything. Play a little around your clothes. Wear a Beige or Camel color coat to look more chic and elegant. Wear a cami over your T-shirt or shirt. I personally love layering Cami Top on a white full sleeve shirt.

Style your hair

Even if you put together the most stylish outfit but if you haven’t styled your hair then it won’t look good on you. Hey, I am not saying you to heat your hair daily or curl it daily.

You can pretty much do messy bun or high ponytail or even easy cute little braids. All the little things adds you to look more stylish at the end.

Comfy Undergarments

Invest in Good quality undergarments. Make sure you have a good bra. If you have an old bra and it is started showing some lines in your outfit then it looks awful. Make sure you’re using the correct bra size not so big and not so small. Your perfect size bra is most essential.

Make sure to use a comfy good quality bra that looks good on you and feels good on you.

Wearing Fit Clothes

Wearing something that fits well and made for you that will make you look so good and so stylish. It boosts your confidence if you wear outfits that are the perfect size for you unlike not too tight or not too loose.

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