how to remove tan naturally

How to remove tan naturally – 5 Effective ways

How to remove tan Naturally at home 5 effective home remedies. Sun tanning or simply tanning is the process whereby skin colour is darkened or tanned. It is most often a result of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight.

Excessive UV radiation causes sunburn along with other direct and indirect DNA damage to the skin, and the body naturally combats and seeks to repair the damage and protect the skin by creating and releasing further melanin into the skin’s cells. With the production of the melanin, the skin colour darkens. How to remove tan Naturally at home 5 effective home remedies.

How to Remove Tan Naturally

Moong Dal Tan Removal Pack

      How to make Tan Removal Pack at Home? These Home remedies are used by millions of Indians. These are all ancient Indian home remedies to clear tanning or dark spots.

It is highly effective guys. You can see the instant results.

You can use this as a Pack or Shower Powder. Either way it is very effective.

how to remove tan naturally


  • Moong Dal Powder
  • Raw Turmeric Powder
  • Rice floor
  • 1 small piece of camphor
  • Liquorice Powder
  • Tomato Juice or Rose Water

You can make your own Moong Dal Powder at home instead of buying at Departmental stores. Same for Turmeric Powder also, you can buy Raw Turmeric at Organic stores. You can use ‘Kasturi Turmeric Powder’ if you don’t have time to grind.

Mix all the Ingredients with tomato juice. Make a thick paste and apply it on the tanned body areas and face.

Slowly rub it on the tanned places you can see the instant result. The tan will slowly fade while you rub the pack.

You can make this powder for one month. You can use this as showering pack.

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Sandalwood Pack

 How to Remove Tan from Skin: Sandalwood is great for clearing pigmentation, Sun Tan and Dark spots. The natural oils present in sandalwood help to get rid of a suntan. It also helps to soothe sunburn and has a cooling effect, reducing the redness caused due to a sunburn.


  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Curd
  • Honey
  • Lemon Juice

Mix all these ingredients and make a thick paste. Apply this pack on the tanned areas. Use this Pack before Bathing. After 30 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water.

Coffee Scrub

How to Remove Tan Naturally: Coffee Scrub is best for removing tan and pigmentation. You can easily make this at home if you want a ready-made one I would suggest to try Mcaffaine Coffee Body Scrub.

It is amazing guys. I tried the magical scrub. You can instantly see the results when rubbing the coffee scrub on the tanned areas. Gently and slowly rub on the affected areas.

Its little bit costly but it is worth it and also the big jar lasts long more than a month.

But, you can easily make this at home.


  • Any Coffee Powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar

Mix these ingredients and make a scrub. Apply this coffee scrub on the affected areas. Gently massage on the affected areas.

This will clear Sun Tan immediately.

Consistent usage will give the best results. I would suggest to use this scrub daily while bathing.

Gram Flour Tan Removal Pack

Gram Flour Mask is very effective in removing Sun Tan, Dark spots. It is a very Ancient Indian Practice. You can add a Multani Mitti Powder and mix it with Yogurt.

Make a thick Paste and apply it all over the tanned areas, Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with Lukewarm water.


  • Gram Flour(Besan)
  • Multani Mitti
  • Yogurt

Orange Peel Tan Removal Pack

Take a handful of Orange Powder and mix it with aloe vera Gel.

Apply on the affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. It is one of the best tan removal pack at home.

Orange peel powder contains Vitamin C which helps to form collagen and elastin which is the secret to glowing skin. It reduces pigmentation, marks and scars.


  • Orange Peel Powder
  • Aloe vera Gel

How to Remove Tan Naturally? I hope this post helps you to resolve your skin tanning problems. These are Effective Tan Removal Pack you can easily make at home.

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