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How to Repeat Outfits without anyone noticing it

How to repeat outfits without anyone noticing? Nowadays Repeating outfits became Taboo. Your Instagram followers won’t like much if you repeat your outfits. It will look boring and it’s not insta appropriate. I understand… Guys. I’ve been there. But, What If I tell you, you can repeat your outfits and not get noticed.

Sounds, Cool…

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Who the hell wants to wear a beautiful outfit only one time and also We don’t own 365 outfits for every other day to wear.

It’s just f**ing expensive and also I don’t want to pollute our beautiful earth. You come to the Budget Fashionista community. Here, All I share is how to look stylish on a budget and more discounts and coupons on your favorite fashion stores.

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I highly recommend you to repeat your outfits. There’s no shame in doing that. I am gonna give you more tips and tricks on repeating your outfits without anyone noticing it.

1. Focus on Solid Colors

Solid colors are the real game-changer in Repeating your outfits. You can buy more White, Black or nude colors. People barely notice it if you wear the same outfit. Solid colors are less noticeable and less memorable than something that is printed. If you’re wearing Bright Print it’s gonna stand out, People gonna notice it.

Sticking to the Basics can be massive helper in this Repeating game.

2. Mix n Match

Mix n Match your Outfits. Make an entirely different look by adding a Jacket or Layering up one or more outfits. This gonna make an entirely different look. This is another bigger technique in repeating outfits. If you don’t know how to mix n match try watching your favorite fashion bloggers or fashion Instagrammers How they are styling and everything. You get an amazing idea of how to put together your outfits.

Instead of wearing your T-shirt tucked in Try knotting it, it can give a more stylish look and definitely gives a different vibe.

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3. Never Underestimate the Power of Accessories

Accessories can really stand out and can make a different look. Add a piece of statement accessories this can bring more detail to the outfit. By adding Bandana, Hats which are Beret, Bucket Hats will give a more defined look. This is a great idea to trick people that you’re not repeating the same outfit.

4. Wear it with a Different Crowd

Never wear the same outfit to the same group of people. Try wearing the outfit to different groups of people. In this way, You can have a relaxed and fun time without embarrassing yourself. Otherwise, You know someone will come and point it out. Because this happened to me, I just forgot and wore the same outfit to my friend’s reception and then that thing has happened.

I am just writing everything on my own experience. I am your girl.

5. Wear it with different shoes

“Good shoes Takes you Good Places”

Shoes are a massive massive way to create a different look. wear it with sneakers or Long Boots or even flats. This really has the power to change your look. You can buy simple plain sneakers like a white color instead of wearing bright red or neon or any other. This way it won’t stand out and people barely gonna notice it.

6. Stick to Basics

Basics are a great way to repeat outfits without putting much effort. Basic Plain white Tee or Black tee. You can create n number of looks in these Basic outfits.

Finally, Repeating outfits is not a Taboo and make it fancy. You do You!!!

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