How to travel without leaving your home 10 easy ways

How to Travel without leaving your home? Travel is fun. Travelling is good. Travel is addictive if you are a wanderlust type of person. But, The situation made us sit at home. This is so disappointing for all the wanderlust people.

But, we need to follow the rules in order to avoid the coronavirus. But, I got u guys. You can travel wherever you wish without leaving your home. Sounds silly. But, This is possible. Read fully to know how to travel without leaving your home?

How to Travel without leaving your home?

Instagram your favourite spots

We have seen many travel Instagrammers share their experiences and photos. Why don’t you look at your favourite spot and what is the interesting fact about the place? and also you can plan your future travel.

Planning how could you take amazing pics in your favourite spot like those travel Instagrammers.

travel journal

Save your favourite places pics on Instagram. So, that you can look back it later. Imagine in your mind what it feels like to be in there and how would you enjoy your travel. Relive your wanderlust dreams.

I imagine what kind of outfits will suit for the place and my favourite is eating. I will look for the best places to eat in my favourite place. Instagram can be the best app for killing time. My favourite travel Instagrammer is LostLeblanc.

Binge Watching Travel Movies

How to travel without leaving your home?

I recently watched EAT PRAY LOVE. It is not kinda fully related to travel. But, It involves Three travel destinations. I really loved this film.

They have shown the beauty of Bali in that film. It feels like a paradise. If you are not watched it yet, give it a shot. I would highly recommend.

I watched Tokyo girl series on Amazon Prime video, I literally fell in love with the City.

They have beautifully captured each and every detail from foods to different areas in Tokyo city. If you like Cities, this is a major visual experience.

virtual travel film

Virtual Travel using Youtube

how to travel without leaving your ways

How to Travel without leaving your home?

YouTube is the best virtual travel app. It has amazing Travel vloggers all around the world. Solo travel vlogger, couple travel vlogger, van traveller. You can see many varieties of vlogs on YouTube.

I recently binge-watched walking tours videos. It was a great experience. It feels like I am actually there and walking in that place. I watched the Madrid walking tour.

Vr city tours are the best way to start your virtual travel experience. The city is beautiful. It was a pleasant experience.

Technology is so convenient. Try to cherish this moment using virtual reality travel. We can experience VR world tour without spending any money.

how to travel without leaving your home

Travel through Travel blogs

If you like reading, you can visit travel blogs. You can see their experiences and they also show you favourite spots to hang out and everything. Travel blogs are more informative and at the same time more enjoyable.

Plan your Future Travel

Meanwhile, In this lockdown period, you can start planning the budget, expenses and everything to visit your favourite destination.

travel plan

I hope this how to travel without leaving your home post helps you to indulge in VR travel.

Comment below which place you are extremely excited to visit and who is your favourite travel vlogger or blogger.

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