How to Wear Blazers Casually – 12 Best Styles

I have always remembered the Professional Business Look when I think of the Blazers. But, those things have changed now. For each occasion, there are several varieties of blazers.

With any outfit, you can style a blazer with confidence. The Blazers are becoming a huge trend now. With Blazers, you can easily build a casual look. With blazers, you can create a cute look, a trendy look, a casual look,  a hot sleek look.

The stereotypical blazer look is gone. There are many styles and there are emerging varieties. The Blazer is perfect for the winter season. They’re warm and cosy.

White On White Blazer

White Blazers are really underrated and they are absolutely stylish. You can create a professional look as well as Casual look. See How Amy Jackson styled her white Blazer with a White Pant and White short top. I absolutely love this look.

It mostly kinda Boss Bitch look. But, You can recreate this look by leaving loose hair and wear some hoop earrings for a more casual look. That’s it.

You don’t need to change your clothes if you want to attend two different meetings. Changing your style, It looks perfect for the Place.

Black on Black Blazer

Black Blazers are really common and the trend is still at its peak. You can create multiple looks with One Black Blazer. Take an inspiration from Lilly, how she styled the Black blazer with Black Crop top and Black Pant. Super duper Monochrome Look.

Blazer Over Lace Top and Pant

This is a most unique look. This look is for anywhere. If you wanna go for grocery shopping or for a Fun Evening. This is ultra Casual look. See, How Priyanka Chopra slay this look. This look is like Get ready with me for 5 mins.

Brown Blazer

If you don’t want a Stare at me Look. Then, this look is for you. Brown or Nude Blazers are literally best. Style a brown blazer over white Turtle tshirt and black pant. This is the cool look.

Checked Blazer

Checked blazer is most trending. 2020 is filled with Checked blazers. Every fashion influencer styled this blazer. Even Hailey bieber, See how she matched the checked blazer with checked dress.

Olive Green blazer

Your eyes would undoubtedly appreciate the Olive Green blazer. The colour,  the warmth, I love this color so much.  It certainly fits the fall season. You can use the animal print top to dress it and add more casual styles with any converse sneakers.

Half White Blazer with Jean

To create a casual look, you can easily style this with jean and a One shoulder top. And your free, flowy hair will add a extra cool look.

Yellow Blazer

Monochrome Yellow look. Take an inspiration from Fashion Blogger Komal Pandey, How she styled the yellow blazer with yellow crop top and High waist yellow pant. This is absolutely chic and unique look.

Green Blazer

Green Blazer with Green shots are absolutely stunning. Add some fine jewellery and pair it with Converse shoes. These are absolutely wholesome casual look.

Pink Blazer

Pink blazer with pink short skirt look is everything. This is very cute and simplistic look. Wear a white Tee and style it with a Pink short skirt.

Add a Hoop earring and transparent heels. Thats it.

This is more cool and cute look which is perfect for any outing with friends or family.

Full-length Blazer

Wear a Full length blazer over crop top and open skirt. This is most casual and best for dates.

Double up your blazer game

Wear Double blazer to give extra competition to your peers.

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