inknut benefits for skin

Top 5 Inknut benefits for skin will make you stop using skincare creams

Below are 5 Effective and Powerful Inknut Benefits for skin and it can solve most of your skin problems. In Tamil, It is called as Kadukkai and in Hindi, it is known as Haritaki. It has numerous health benefits as well as used to treat many skincare problems.

Inknut benefits for skin

Dark circles under eye home remedy

Inknut can be used as Dark circles under eye home remedy. It is the most effective home remedy to clear your dark circles permanently. I have used this home remedy since my childhood. That’s why I said it is effective. It is a proven method to reduce your dark circles and eye puffiness. Inknut benefits for skin are huge and effective.

inknut for dark circles

Inknut Benefits for dark circles

Pick a spoonful of inknut powder and mix it with almond oil. Gently massage this paste under your eye area in a circular motion. It clears Puffiness and Dark Circles.

Another method, Inknut powder, aloe vera gel and almond oil. Mix these three ingredients and massage under the eye area. Apply this Paste for three times a week. Consistent usage will clear the dark circles permanently. 👌

Dark Spot Treatment

Inknut powder can also be used to treat dark spots or acne spots. Make a Paste using plain water or Rosewater. Apply it on all over the face and remove after 20 minutes. The scars and dark spots fade. You can see the results after one usage of this.

inknut benefits for skin

Acne clear Treatment

Inknut Powders are effective in removing dirt and bacterias from the skin. Mix inknut powder with green tea water. Apply a thick paste on to your skin. After 30 minutes wash your face. It is an effective method to clear your acne.

Pore Reducing Pack

Take a spoonful of inknut powder and mix it with 1/2 of gram flour powder and 1/2 teaspoon of Fullers earth powder. Apply this face and wash after 30 minutes. Use this pack for twice a week to get immediate results.

Inknut Benefits for Skin and Hair

You can use this Inknut powder to treat your dandruff and itchy scalp. These are all ancient Indian practices for skin and hair.

Add Henna or Amla Powder with Inknut Powder. Mix it with Tea water or normal water to make a paste. Apply this Paste and remove after one hour. Your itchy scalp and dandruff will be gone. Use this remedy once a week or twice a week to get rid of dandruff permanently.

These are all the inknut benefits for skin and hair. Have you ever tried these home remedies? If not, I would highly suggest you read inknut benefits for skin and try these methods.

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