Planning a Solo Trip? Everything you need to know

Planning a solo trip is a quite scary and tedious task. Because we have no one to share our accommodation or things. We need to plan by ourselves to where to stay and which places to visit and everything. Continue reading to know how I planned my first solo trip. 

First and foremost, I made sure I really wanted to travel alone. Because I never experienced it before, It feels thrilling. 

Why I am telling you this because you need to have a positive mindset while travelling alone. You are your company. You need to face if any obstacle comes in your way.

Planning a Solo Trip

My first solo trip to Palani was awesome guys. I born and brought up in Chennai, Tamilnadu. I never travelled alone to other states. It’s my first and I really felt safe.

Before I begin to tell this story I want to tell you about this place Palani. Not many of them heard about it. Its in Tamilandu, Dindigul District. It is famous for Lord Murugan Temple.

They have a big story there. I don’t want to go more spiritual here but one thing that motivated to travel alone was Murugan. I really feel a special bond with Lord Murugan. So, anyway will come to the story.

Love for Travelling

I love travelling since my childhood I dreamt about most of the times vacation. Even though I had money to travel my family and friends were never ready for it. You know right?

If one guy turns up another one spoils it somehow. It didn’t work out to travel with my family or friends. So, I thought Why not Travel solo.

I asked some of my friends what it feels to travel alone. Some of my female besties told “No, Never do that”, Dangerous is on your way. Because of India’s condition is portrayed in media like that.

Everywhere rape is happening so be cautious. and One of my male friends said you will easily get bored. Boring? what? and How? I will easily overcome this. Because most of the times I spent with myself only.

Time to Enjoy yourself

I never get bored of myself. But the other one strikes my mind. What if someone rapes you and so much of thoughts going on in my mind.

I felt nervous but I didn’t give up on solo travelling idea. So, I booked the tickets AC Sleeping bus, 8 hours travel in night time.

I don’t want to spend on staying at hotels so I booked night travels. 

After finishing my work at office , I went to Koyambedu Bus stand. I really felt nervous and all those anxieties came to my mind. and I asked myself, Do you really want to go?

I said ‘yes’ to myself. and I saw my bus and went inside. It’s not that bad. The bus was super comfy and safe.

Throughout my entire travel, I really felt safe and I slept relax with no worries. I felt strange when starting but after that, I felt comfortable and free. 

I get down at Palani and I want to go to Palani Temple. So, I took a bath in the local showering area. I have to go to the top of the hills where the temple is situated. So, I used a cable car.
That view was amazing.

It was a great experience for me. Palani has beautiful villages and a very calm place.

Planning a solo trip

You surrounded with nature everywhere you go in Palani. and I also took a Horse ride there. It was awesome.
Being a city girl, it really felt different for me. Because here in Chennai, very unusual. In Palani, You can see many Horse rides instead of auto rickshaws. It was great seeing the beauty of Palani.

This was my first experience. and many more yet to come. If you can relate any of this kind of experience leave a comment and share your stories.

How did I Plan?

  1. As I said before, I had a positive attitude towards travelling alone in India even though my friends and parent discouraged me.
  2. I booked Sleeping bus travels a week before and I made sure my travelling hours need to be in the night time. I didn’t want to waste my money on staying at hotels.
  3. Hence, This is my first solo trip I wanted to try one day trip after experiencing I can make a long solo travel vacation.
  4. I packed all my things a day before and I made sure to take the necessary medicines and charged my phone fully.
  5. Planning a Solo trip: Make sure to plan which places to visit and the cost for the whole travel.
  6. If you’re going on budget travel you need to know some travel hacks.

Planning a solo trip? Above are the key measures you need to follow. You need to take the first bold step. That is Action.

Conclusion: Planning a solo trip is really important but if you only plan and not taking any action to travel then that’s a waste of time.

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