pros and cons of sustainable fashion

7 Pros and Cons of Sustainable Fashion

Pros and Cons of Sustainable Fashion: Have you ever come across the word Sustainable Fashion? and Have you thought about what the heck is sustainable fashion? and why people are talking about it more nowadays? Because I have been in that situation. Today I want to show you the Pros and cons of Sustainable Fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion in the simplest term is to maintain “fashion without costing the earth”.

Fashion Industry is the large polluting industry in the world. Sustainable Fashion clothes are made of Organic, Animal cruelty-free and easy to recycle. Sustainable Fashion clothes easily decomposed than Fast Fashion Clothes.

sustainable fashion

Goal of Sustainable Fashion

The goal of Sustainable Fashion is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Pros and Cons of Sustainable Fashion

pros and cons of sustainable fashion

Pros of using Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion has more benefits.

Sustainable fashion will easily reduce the fashion industry’s overall pollution. In the fashion industry, sustainability refers to a holistic system that produces clothing that is environmentally, economically, and socially responsible. We will have a long-term effect on the environment if we use more sustainable fashion.

Cons of using Sustainable Fashion

I just see one disadvantage, which represents the high cost of sustainable fashion clothes. They are very expensive in comparison to fast fashion clothing. However, purchasing sustainable fashion clothing has a significant effect on our society, despite the fact that the expense is higher but we should spend on quality items.

Many people believe that sustainable fashion clothing is uninteresting. They aren’t trendy, and the patterns and designs aren’t particularly appealing. Perhaps it was like this in the past. Nonetheless, they now come up with amazing designs, patterns, and vibrant colors. Sustainable Fashion clothing in India is booming in 2020.

minimalist fashion

Where to buy sustainable fashion Clothes?

There are many sustainable fashion brands on Amazon. They are affordable and easier to get. If you’re not sure about the brand and if you want to try before purchasing it then amazon has a special offer for you. You can try the clothes before buying them. If you don’t like any of them you can return all of them. No charges at all. How cool is this?

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Best Sustainable Fashion Brands on Amazon

  1. prAna

prAna is the brand you should consider when you need Organic cotton pants. Those are absolutely gorgeous and gives life to your body. Planning to go hiking then this prAna women’s Halle pant must-have in your wardrobe.

2. Satva

This brand is for athleisure wear. If you need Yoga wear and If you love funky patterns then this is the suitable brand for you.

3. Boody

Boody is your go-to brand if you need a sustainable bra and panties. Those designs are absolutely great and it is made by Bamboo fibers.

Sustainable Fashion Ideas

How to practice sustainability without spending huge money? How can fashion be sustainable? How to buy sustainable clothing? Let’s dive into it.

Go for Vintage clothing

Vintage fashion clothes are very common for many thousands of years. Millennials are now following vintage fashion. It is Trendy and this is one of the ways to practice sustainable fashion.

Mix n Match

In different ways, we can mix and match old clothes. 

Most Fashion bloggers now exhibit different styles, mixing and matching. Join them and cut down on waste. Mix n Match is a great way to reduce fast fashion clothes.

Go Minimalism

Minimalist way of living your life. Stick with minimal clothes. shop whenever necessary.

Donate your clothes

Donating your bunch of clothes to charity. This is one way of reducing waste and also making an impact on people’s lives.

Educate yourself

Learn how the fabrics are produced and how they are manufactured, which type of fabrics they use. More knowledge about sustainable mode gives people around us greater awareness. Understanding sustainable fashion is very important.

Why Sustainable Fashion is important

The production and consumption of fashion products involve toxic waste and harmful environmental effects at all stages in the clothing industry which not only represents an opportunity, but also a necessity for the development of sustainable fashion.

These are the Pros and cons of sustainable Fashion.

Conclusion: Sustainable Fashion is the Future. Let’s honor our planet earth by opting for apparel that is more sustainable.

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