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How to clear summer acne using simple skin care routine

Hey Guys, Today I want to discuss How I cleared my summer acne during Quarantine time using simple skin care routine. I had recurring acne on my face. Whatever I tried it didn’t work out. I followed a simple skin care routine formula. Then the magic happened.

Have you been in this situation? Read fully to know how I got rid of my acne skin. Finally!!

For the past year, I am suffering from this. I even consulted a dermatologist and I applied everything as he said.

But, Nothing worked out.

I know the acne-pain it hurts mentally and also physically. I tried to get treatments on acne at VLCC Parlour.

It was good and my acne was cleared a little bit. This is not any promotion for VLCC parlour. I am telling my own experience.

But, again the acne appeared on two sides of my cheek after some period of time.

This time I didn’t take any treatments. I want to try by myself at home.

So, I followed the so called gurus self care routine as they teach you to cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply sun screen.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. We should maintain some skin care routine and giving nourishment to our skin is important.

I bought all the products and I was applying as they said. Acne worse in summer Do you know that?

My skin got worse after trying those methods. I even changed the products all I thought was the products were worse.

But, No It wasn’t. The methods were. We have to find which methods does works for our skin.

I followed simple skincare routine for acne-prone skin and some DIY remedies. It made wonders.

These are the tips, Read below

Summer Simple Skin Care Routine for Acne-Prone skin

Simple Skin care Routine

Use Simple Face Wash

What I mean by this is simple lightweight without heavy chemicals Face wash. Yes, I changed so many face washes within a month. Though, they are paraben-free and cruelty-free products. It didn’t suit my skin. You need to understand how your skin reacts if you use new face washes.

After that Magic happened, I tried Clean and Clear Face Wash. Guys, Believe me, it really works. The plain one without any fragrances. It is a miracle for me. That Face wash is really mild and it cleanses your face very well.

simple skin care routine

I am literally in love with this face wash. I even tried the morning berry clean and clear face wash. It didn’t work for me. So, again I got some tiny pimples. so, I shifted to the plain one. It is really amazing guys. Till now I am using the plain one.

Use Simple Moisturizer

I quit the two steps here. I didn’t apply any Toner or Sunscreen here. If you’re going out means sunscreen is a must. Due to this Quarantine, I skipped Sunscreen. Before I was using the Toner. Hell, No. I am happy that I am done with Toners.

I don’t know whether the toning works for normal skin. But, for my acne-prone skin, it didn’t work. So, I quit using it.

I used this simple moisturizer with fragrance free. It is so smooth and it provides hydration to our skin. This one moisturizer is my favourite.

That’s it, Guys. My daily summer simple skin care routine for acne skin is this only. I followed only two methods and I tried some homemade face masks thrice a week.

I highly recommend this two-step simple skin care routine for acne-prone skin. Read below for the magic DIY Face mask.

Summer Acne Home Remedies


This is the main step for clearing my acne. As I said before, I followed all the rules of the daily skin care routine. But, I didn’t exfoliate my skin. Because I was afraid exfoliating my skin causes more damage. But, trust me, guys. It isn’t caused any damage to my skin rather it was the main step for clearing my acne.

face scrub

This is the magic product guys. This really cleared all the whitehead and blackhead from my skin. I just rubbed smoothly. When Exfoliating your face, Be gentle with your skin. I tried this 15 days once it was pure magic. It removed all the dirt from my skin.

Face Masks

Face masks will really help toning your skin and also removes dead cells. I particularly used Mcaffaine Coffee Face Mask. I know the hype for the product is huge. But, definitely it is worth. After scrubbing my face, I cleared my face with water and then I applied this face mask.

There you go, It extra cleanses your skin. All the impurities on my face were gone. I can see the change immediately. I strongly recommend this mask to acne skin people. It really helps to clear your acne.

DIY Home Remedy for acne skin: I also used this mask thrice a week.

1.Mysore Dal Powder

2.Camphor little bit

3.Rice Powder

I mixed these three ingredients with water and I applied it. You have to add little bit of camphor not much. This is exactly the magic mask. It cleared my acne not only acne but dark spots too.

I followed these simple steps, and also the simple skin care routine It really helped clearing my acne.

Sometimes most simple things will solve the complex problems.

What do you guys think about it? Please leave a comment below. I highly recommend this to anyone who is facing acne skin problems.

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