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Top 11 Best Summer Fashion Trends 2020 – Everything you need to know

1.Animal Prints

Top 11 Summer Fashion Trends you must know before 2020. If you don’t have any of these times shop it before 2020. You can get the listed out items from here.

There are more animal prints which are zebra, snake and leopard. These have become more popular in 2020.

It gives a little bit of extra texture to our daily wear. If you don’t have this one, get this trendy animal print this year.

Summer fashion trends

2.Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves become a huge summer fashion trends in 2020. There are Puff sleeve dress, Puff sleeve shirts, Puff sleeve short tops. It is just beautiful.

Summer fashion trends

3. Bamboo Bags

Yes, I said it Bamboo bags. We have seen our grandmothers using this. But it has become a trend now and it is so cute. Perfect combo with a maxi dress.

Summer fashion trends

4. Bike shots with Blazers

Nowadays, Comfort has become a trend. So, you can wear shots with blazers. I love this cool summer fashion trends.

Top 11 fashion trends of 2020

5. Sneakers

Sneakers are trending. You can pair this with anything. It never goes out of trend and again more of comfort side.

Top 11 fashion trends of 2020

6. Logo Belts

Logo belts are really popular and it is more attractive. Gucci belts become a huge trend this year.

Top 11 fashion trends of 2020

7. Neon Brights

You could have seen many fashion Instagrammers posting pictures in Neon colour dresses, Neon colour Tops. It is a trend. Grab this trendy and shine out from the crowd.

Top 11 fashion trends of 2020

8. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are elegant, stylish and it goes well with most of the outfits.

Top 11 fashion trends of 2020

9. Sustainable Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion is a popular thing now. Clothing is made through sustainable practices that reduce water consumption and waste production.

So, To avoid toxins and other chemicals, sustainable fashion is important. It is easily decomposed. 

10. Maxi Rombers

Maxi dress at the same time romber. This is fabulous and looks astonishing. This is my favourite summer fashion trends 2020.

Maxi rombers

11. Sharara

It is Ethnic wear. I love shararas. It is best suited for special occasions. I love this ethnic summer fashion trends. I own three shararas.


I have written Top 11 Summer Fashion Trends of 2020. If I have missed anything please comment below. Do not forget to read my last article on How to remove your old clothes in 5 easy ways.

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