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Travel hacks you must know about the cheapest travelling

Hello Guys, In this post I am gonna cover Travel hacks you must know about the cheapest travelling. We all love to go to a super cool destination and enjoy the culture, food and the city. I love travelling. But when we think about the money, we get sick or we say maybe we can postpone it to next year.

I know!! I have been there. Its because we just overwhelm ourselves for spending money not searching the ways for how to travel on a budget. So, read this post fully to know about the Travel Hacks you must know about the cheapest travelling.

Don’t worry… I have got you. Here come the Budget travelling and Preparation. You need to plan the budget for travel and the accommodation, how many days you gonna stay in that place. and how many people gonna travel.

Leaving your comfort zone

We may want to stay in a High-end restaurant hotel and enjoy luxury. nothing wrong with enjoying that. If you wanna travel in the budget don’t ever think about that. I see it as an unnecessary expense. Stay in the Airbnb or Oyo Rooms. Oyo rooms are cheaper and also good. You can make your own food in Airbnb.

Book Early

Book your tickets early. I know we will wait for the discounted price or any other things. But, Booking early will reduce lots of your cost. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to book a flight ticket.

Limit your shopping

We just fascinated to buy so many things when we go into a new place. I am also the one. I love shopping and I love buying stuff. You must have to be in control because this is a budget travelling.

Have a Bunch of snacks

Stock your luggage with some snacks. So, you don’t need to spend so much on this.

Go Walking Tour

A walking tour is an extraordinary way of sightseeing and also no need to spend any money on this. You can search in google by typing the city name free walking tour. You will get a lot of free walking tours.

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