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Van life – Is it really for you? 11 tips and advice for van life living

Van life Travel and live your life fullest in the van.

Quit your job and travel the world in a van. Am I kidding? Is this possible? How can we make a living out of this? To know more about this, read this article fully.

What is van life?

Van Life is a sub-culture of nomadic individuals who are embracing minimalism on a journey to reassess what is truly important for a happy and balanced life. This post is about quit your job and travel the world in a van.

van life

Who is it for?

People who love to travel. The minimalist way of travelling is van life. Work in your van, and get to see the amazing world using your van. Sounds amazing right? This is for people who love adventure and craving for new experiences around the world.

You can work on the beaches, or any resorts wherever you wish to. Nobody can control you. This is for people who love location independence work who hate the typical office desk and the same boring peers.

What if I said you can meet new people, new places, every day you live differently. Yes, This is for these kinds of people who loves moving around constantly and have to put more hard work. Adopting this lifestyle is difficult at first but after a couple of months, you truly live this lifestyle.

van life

Best things about living in a van

Just search van life in youtube. You see thousands of people are opting for this culture. This van life gives you the freedom to travel, freedom to work anywhere, save more money at the same time living your fullest life.

Nomads and minimalists are living in the van to save money whilst studying or saving for a house. Other van lifers just do it for the freedom and opportunity to explore more.

Whatever the reason, Van dwelling can offer you the opportunity for a balanced life with more time for pursuing your passions and less of the rest.

How to start van life?

You must think before you start living in your van. The Pros and cons of living in the van and Is this really suitable for you? Because you must search before starting your new lifestyle.

How many people gonna start with you or you are going to travel alone in your van. You must decide and start introspecting yourself.

Van life Job ideas

Decide what kind of jobs you gonna do when travelling in your van. There are multiple online jobs you can do while travelling. If you are a software developer you can work in remote jobs, remotejobspresso, remoteok, fiverr, You can start a van lifestyle blog and monetize it.

You can do n number of jobs online and get paid well. You can do online teaching if you specialized in any skill. Start van life Instagram and get monetized using your business Instagram.

Before you start all this, ask yourself ‘Is van lifestyle suitable for me?’.What’s better than starting vanlife youtube and monetizing it.

People are love to watch the different way of living. My favourite vanlife YouTubers are Max & Lee, Jennelle Eliana.

van life

Connect with vanlife community people for updates and socialize with people. Make some new friends through vanlife community.

Sometimes we lose the socializing part of ourselves when we travel and work so, it is must to connect with the van life community.

How much does van life cost?

You can recreate a van if you have used old ones. You can buy a second-hand van. If you have money then invest in some good van. it costs around 3 lakh. If you really want to decorate your van do some van interior.

Worst things about living in van life there are some bad parts too living in van life. You need to constantly move from one place to another. Peeing and showering at outside sometimes sucks.

Safety is more important when living in van life. We can’t guarantee that. But there are more people telling us stories about how to be safe when staying in the van. I’ll cover all those things in another chapter.

If you love this article please comment below. so that I’ll make another chapter on safety measures in van life.

Quit your job and travel the world in a van. Life is a one-time opportunity. Live your wildest dreams.

2 thoughts on “Van life – Is it really for you? 11 tips and advice for van life living

  1. I loved reading your post. I’m just starting out and all the information you give is very helpful. I’m shopping for my van now. My one fear (well there are many) is that I’ll get bored or terribly lonely at night. I think if I had a job or something to sink my teeth into a bit, I’d be much better off. I was kind of a workaholic when I had a career so I do “work” much better than hobbies. I’m weird…what can I say? I’m older and retired and hubby passed away two years ago. Any additional information about working from my van, websites, etc., would be great. I was in construction and facility management. Not sure what skills I would have that can be parlayed to working on the road. from my van.Thanks a bunch and God bless!!

    1. I am glad you loved this post. You can do an online English teaching classes. You can work as a freelance writer, content writer. There are
      multiple online platforms where you can apply your skill and get a job from the client.,,, These are online remote job portals. You can search through the portal if any relevant jobs match your skill you can apply. make your hobbies into a passion. If you like photography, take some online classes and work on it. it pays off. I hope this helps you.:)

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